Welcome to the world of Celebration Paintings! These are unique, personalized paintings and collages made to celebrate or commemorate an event or occasion. They also make fantastic Talking Points hung in reception in an Office - depicting your company's main activities or having a giggle at your Company Directors or Staff. When creating these pictures I work closely with the client throughout. This ensures that the client maintains creative input all times, as well as guaranteeing accuracy of detail. The images can be made in the material and size of your choice. To discuss your requirements and receive a quotation, click on the contact link at the top of the page.
This commission was for a Wedding Present - a delightful reminder for the couple of their happy day surrounded by close friends and family. Of course, the more detail that can be provided, such as the bride's dress and hair style, and photos of the guests, the more accuracy I can guarantee.
The owner of this painting had just bought a new house and had a lot of empty wall space. His ideas was to have a slightly racy version of the Last Supper hung over his dining room table. JC sits in the middle with a name badge on, and is surrounded by his twelve disciples. Mary Magdalen is pulling out all the stops to get lucky with James and John the fisher men. The client hates bananas and is from Cornwall - hence the presence of pasties in the fruit bowls.
Next morning, Jesus wished he had left some of the water as it was.... this was commissioned by a friend of the aforementioned chap - he wanted the sequel! It was subsequently used to promote the Edinburgh Festival.
Privately commissioned painting for Performers in a production of 'The Pirates of Penzance'.
It's Brighton: beach, seagull, boats, sun, waves, beach ball, beach huts, fish and all!!! Commissioned by no-one, purely for the fun of it!!!
A view of my Brother's garden - he's a cat, chicken and tadpole keeper!!!
This diptych was commissioned by a chap for his wife's birthday. They surname is Blacklaw-Taylor, and they have fondly become known as the BLT's to friends. Each of their 3 children's names are subtly written in to the painting.
This celebratory collage was commissioned to mark a 30th birthday. The picture details all of the major events that had taken place to date.