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Impress far-away relatives with a creation that you can post.

Print Out and Keep: Christmas Stocking
Sew a fabric stocking for Santa to fill year after year.

Print Out and Keep: Christmas Stocking
Sew a fabric stocking for Santa to fill year after year.

Stocking templateShapes template

Shapes template in tecnicolor!You will need
two 26cm x 26cm squares of different coloured felt
felt pieces in a range of colours
sewing cotton – different colours
embroidery thread
needles and pins
an assortment of tinsel, feathers from feather boas, buttons, sequins, ribbons, fancy yarns or anything else you want to use to decorate the stocking

Click HERE for full size templates.

1. Print all of the templates out on to paper, and cut them out.

2. Place two squares of felt on top of each other. Place the stocking template on
top of the felt and carefully pin around inside the edge of the template to secure the
three layers together.

3. Cut around the solid line of the template. Remove the pins and gently lift the paper template off without separating the two pieces of felt. Then re-pin the edges.

4. To sew the stocking together, just stitch along the dotted line as on the template. Try using a fine running stitch in a brightly coloured embroidery thread.

5. The basic stocking is now complete and ready for decoration. You might want to use the templates provided, that you’ve already cut out. To do this, simply pin them on to felt, cut around the edges, remove the pins and template, and sew the felt on to the stocking. You could include more than one piece of felt – for example, red felt for holly berries and green felt for the leaves . Alternatively, you could just use one design more than once – you might want to decorate your stocking with lots of different coloured fairies. You can really use you imagination here. How about using sequins for the fairy’s eyes, for instance?

6.Now for the final touches! You need to make a loop so you can hang the
stocking up. This can be made from felt, ribbon, or any other material of your choice.
Just make sure that you attach it to the top of the stocking, at the back. To make the
stocking really special, secure a band of different coloured felt around the top of the
stocking. To avoid confusion, try cutting the letters of your name out of felt and sewing
them on.

Now that you’ve seen how to make the stocking, why not be really creative and make your own shapes to cut round and stick on? Alternatively, why not find lots of different things to sew on to your stocking, such as buttons sequins, ribbons and so on? Or how about making a Rudolph stocking by adding some antlers, eyes and a red nose on the toe?

However you choose to decorate your stocking, this year you’ll be able to hang your stocking with pride!

Kirstie Bowen

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Thursday 30 November 2000

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